Uniform Information

At the Donald E. Woods Opportunity Center (DWOC) all clothing must be worn properly; be of appropriate size, length, and with the waist of the garment worn at the student’s waist. Students found to be in violation of the school dress code below will be subject to disciplinary action. DWOC staff reserves every right to seize articles deemed inappropriate or in violation of the school dress code:

A solid black, navy blue, or white polo-style shirt with a collar and sleeves is required. Alternatively, the student can wear a school shirt with a logo from their home school. All shirts must be tucked in. Absolutely NO hoodies, stripes, tails, or banded, frayed or torn shirts.

Pants & Belt
A solid beige or black dress khaki pants is required to be worn at the student’s waist. All students must wear a belt if their pants have belt loops. Absolutely NO capris, jeans, shorts, sweatpants, or tucked frayed or torn pants.

Shoes & Socks
Closed-toe and closed-heel casual dress shoes or sneakers are required.
 Socks reaching to at least the ankle must be worn at all times. Absolutely NO boots, high-heels, open-toed/heeled shoes, sandals, pumps, roller sneakers, or slippers.

Coats, Jackets & Blankets
A thermal or cardigan must adhere strictly to dress code standard.
Absolutely NO jackets, blankets, hoodies, disruptive, distracting, or offensive displays of language, symbols, etc.

Accessories & Jewelry
Absolutely NO accessories or jewelry of any kind.
 The following items are NOT allowed and will be immediately confiscated: accessories, backpacks, book bags, purses, bandannas, hats, headgear, cell phones, electronic devices, earbuds, headphones, flags, gauges, jewelry, earrings, piercings, sunglasses, or watches.

Fingernail Extensions
No fingernail extensions of any kind.

School Orientation

Orientation is held every Thursday at 1:30 pm in the cafeteria.

When a new student arrives at Donald E. Woods Opportunity Center, the Program’s Transition Facilitator begins the process of enrolling the student. The Transition Facilitator meets with the new student and their parents/guardians to gather background information.

The District Discipline Office provides the Transition Facilitator with any paperwork on the incoming student. Once orientation is complete, the student is enrolled in classes by the Guidance Counselor.

Exit Procedures

Two weeks prior to release, a letter is sent home to the parents/guardians informing them that their child has met the requirements of their stay.  The receiving (zoned) school also receives a notice telling them that the student will be returning to their school. DWOC then sets a time and date for an exit meeting and notifies the zoned school of when the student will be re-enrolled.

During the exit meeting the parent, school staff, and a representative from the zoned school discuss the student’s progress. Academic records, test scores, and discipline records are reviewed. The student’s grades-in-progress, current attendance, and scholastic report sheets are attached to the Exit Information Form. All participants leave with a copy of the Exit Conference and Exit Information Form.

Transitioning Back to a Zoned School

Students are assigned to Donald E. Woods Opportunity Center (DWOC) for serious Code of Conduct violations. Students continue their academics while at DWOC until they are ready to return to their zoned school.